Masterclass Workshop

The notification procedure has been postponed until May 2021.

Despite further easing of the corona measures by the Federal Council on May 27th, the responsibles of "Generations - International Jazz Festival Frauenfeld", under President Robert Fürer, are postponing the 12th edition - planned for September 26th to October 3rd 2020 - by one year to 2nd to 9th October 2021. The festival programme, which will focus on the British composer and pianist Django Bates, is likely to remain largely identical.

Requirements and target groupPostgraduates, alumni of University Jazz programs, but also young talents who like to improve. Style: Contemporary Jazz. Requirements: profound knowledge of jazz repertoire, from the "Great American Songbook" to contemporary jazz artists such as Django Bates, Marius Neset, The Bad Plus, Steve Coleman, Avashai Cohen, Marc Ducret, etc. General playing experience embracing all jazz styles, improvisation, and beyond.

Age limit 28 years of ageApplications can be made by all who are born after Jan 01, 1993 (28 years of age; exceptions may be granted by the artistic director).


From Monday, 12 April 2021 only through the application form on this website including your sound samples (audio file uplodad directly during your application). Recordings should be with a recent group including the following style:

- a jazz/swing standard (jazz tradition)
- a straight eights tune (contemporary jazz)

Additional repertoire:

In addition every applicant should record a medium or up-tempo blues accompanied by a metronome only (head and 3 choruses of solo).

Drummers should record “Billie’s Bounce” (head as melody and 3 choruses of solo).

Singer should record "Giant Steps" (head as melody and 1 chorus solo). Singers should be good readers and able to find their pitch within sometimes dense harmony.

All popular audio files as MP3, AAC (m4a), wav and aiff are accepted. A jury will choose the 25 participants after 24 June 2021. All applicants will be informed about the results of the selection starting on Monday, 28 Juni 2021. The Application deadline is 14 June 2021! 

Free accommodation

Private accommodation with guest families free of charge. Participants will be informed about the details through our festival office Ms. Pascale Ineichen (pascale.ineichen[at] prior to arrival. Hotel rooms liable to pay costs can be booked over Tourist Services of the town of Frauenfeld, Bahnhofstrasse 75, CH-8500 Frauenfeld; phone number +41 52 721 31 28; fax +41 52 722 10 64; e-mail

For further information please contact the artistic director Dominik Deuber: d.deuber[at] 




"Sorry to ask: where will the Workshops take place?"
"Neubau der Kantonsschule Frauenfeld. Just click here!"

"And when do we meet on Friday, 1st October"
"The official start of the first rehearsals is at 2:00 p.m. The festival office in the new building of the Kantonsschule Frauenfeld is open for check-in from 10:00 a.m."

"I will arrive on Thursday, 30 September very late at night. How do I find my private accommodation?"
"Please check independently with your host family and our festival office and find an agreement."

"How do I get from the train station SBB Frauenfeld to the new Kantonschule building on foot?"
"Here you go! 9 minutes walking distance..."

"At the moment, I’m planning my return trip; which day should I choose?"
"You can leave on Saturday, October 9th after the concert (latest around 9:30 p.m.) or on Sunday, October 10th, if your host family agrees"

"I am a guitarist / bass player and am arriving by train. For this reason, I can’t bring along an amplifier. Would you have one you might be willing to let me use?"
"We can, yes. Ideally, however, the participants bring their own amplifiers, thanks!"

"Evenings, I would like to go to various clubs as well as concerts. Do I need a special registration for this?"

"No – just wear your (personal) badge visibly. There will be an adequate number unreserved seats available for you."

"I would like to receive a private lesson from one of the instructors. Is this possible?"
"The Workshop is a band workshop – officially there will be no private lessons! If a tutor is willing to do this, then that’s between the two of you."

"I have a large instrument (vibraphone, double bass, amplifier etc.). Can I leave it the whole time in one of the instruction rooms?"
"No. The tutors have their own different rooms and the participants switch among them. But the rooms are all more or less close to each other."  

"After the afternoon workshop, I would like to get some more practice. Are there rooms for this purpose?"
"The new building of the Kantonssschule will be be open for our use daily until 6 pm. Anyone who would like to practice can do so during this time period. However, there are only a couple of rooms with pianos. Otherwise, we can also open up a normal classroom for you."

"Can I leave my instrument at the school (Kantonsschule)?"
"Yes! We have a special room which we will lock up independently of the rest of the building. But, it is absolutely essential for the wind players to take along their instruments for jam sessions!"

"For how long will lunch be offered?"
"Up to and including Saturday."

"What does it include?"
"Various main courses in the form of buffets, salads, deserts, mineral water at the tables and coffee."

"There is no dinner?"
"No, you’ll have to make your own arrangements for the evenings. But there is a huge grocery department at the COOP Schlosspark where you can shop relatively cheaply."

"I would really like to watch a sound check or practice session by one of the bands that will be performing. Is that possible?"
"Sure. In fact, you’d be very welcome. Just be sure to always wear your badge visibly. It identifies you as workshop participants."

"How do I get from performance venue to performance venue?"
"All clubs and concert locations are can easily be reached within minutes (and some within seconds!). The Piano Bar and Schlosskeller, the jazz clubs Dreiegg and Terrasse are located very near to each other in the old town. Only the Eisenwerk is about a ten-minute walk."

"Is there an Internet access point anywhere?"
"Sure! There is a room directly next to the festival office with ca. 30 terminals completely at your disposal."

"How much cash should I bring to Switzerland, or can I withdraw money at ATM’s with a foreign bank card?"
"In Switzerland, it is now possible to withdraw money at any ATM (Maestro or EC-card). Withdrawal using a Visa card is not advisable, because much higher fees are charged!"

"I’ve heard that Switzerland has its own type of electrical sockets. Is that true? But are they at least 220 Volts?"
"Yes of course, Switzerland uses 220V/50Hz, but instead of  schuko or contour plugs as in Austria and Germany, type-J plugs are used here. All two-poled euro-plugs like battery chargers for cell phones fit perfectly into the three-poled Swiss electrical sockets. So anyone who wants to bring a larger device, or her own amplifier, will need one of these adapters, which can of course also be bought here (but naturally not on Sunday, the first day of the workshop!)."

"What are the weather conditions likely to be at the beginning of October in Frauenfeld and northwestern Switzerland?"
"The generations always takes place directly after the Oktoberfest in Munich and for this reason, we have "golden October days" every time, where one can even enjoy eating lunch on the terrace! Evenings are, however, already uncomfortably cool and one must always reckon with rainy days. So be sure to pack warm sweaters, good shoes and raincoats."

Current weather conditions in Frauenfeld